It all happened on a Friday, while I was looking for an “emergency” dress for a wedding that I had been invited to three days earlier and for which, once again, I had NOTHING TO WEAR. At first I was mad at myself for not planning ahead on these kinds of things, and then my anger moved on to retail; why couldn’t I ever find a place that offered me more than two dress choices that were also original enough so that I’d know no one else would be wearing the same thing?

The third time this happened, I knew it was not a coincidence and therefore decided that if no one else would fix this problem I’d have to do it myself. So from this frustration The Pretty Committee was born.

The Pretty Committee arrives in 2016 to bring you an ample variety of options for your events; from the unexpected wedding invitation, to your friend’s sister’s graduation. Our brands are carefully selected to achieve the best combination of original and versatile pieces for the girl who is looking for a new, easier way to shop.